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Under the Silver Lake


For his highly anticipated follow-up to It Follows, David Robert Mitchell leaves the horror genre behind to try his hand at LA noir. This labyrinthine mystery follows stoner geek Sam (Andrew Garfield) as he goes down the rabbit hole by attempting to solve the disappearance of his enigmatic neighbour, convinced clues leading to her whereabouts and to a larger conspiracy are hidden in plain sight. Echoes of Thomas Pynchon’s novel Inherent Vice abound, and the film anchors the protagonist in the hallowed tradition of Hitchcockian voyeurs. The result isn’t as airtight as Mitchell’s previous effort and at times it’s frustratingly hampered by disjointed narrative threads; nevertheless, the filmmaker conjures and sustains an immersive mood throughout, creating an inventively zany and timeless haze, filled with vintage zines and retro video games.

Under the Silver Lake | Directed by David Robert Mitchell (US 2018) with Andrew Garfield, Riley Keough. Starts December 6.

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