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Unidentified foul-mouthed objects

OUT NOW! PAUL approaches the E.T. genre in a way that is at once vulgar, sarcastic and loving.

Seven years after Shaun of the Dead, British comedians Pegg and Frost are reunited on the big screen, this time teaming up with Superbad director Mottola. The two comedians, who also co-wrote the screenplay, portray sappy, but amicable comicbook nerds, as fluent in Klingonian as they are sexually inexperienced.

Following a visit to the San Diego Comic-Con, the geeky duo sets off on a caravan pilgrimage to all the sci-fi shrines and locations in the US – when suddenly they encounter an actual extraterrestrial on the run! A hyper-intelligent, chain-smoking, booze-loving little fellow, Paul – as the alien calls himself – has nothing in common with your average kid-friendly Spielberg-ized extraterrestrial. Without the slightest idea of what they are getting drawn into, the kind-hearted Brits agree to help Paul, and what begins as a peaceful buddy trip quickly turns into a wild chase through the Midwest.

In addition to featuring a host of genuinely likable characters, Paul takes a uniquely sarcastic, yet at the same time very knowledgeable and loving, approach to the absurdities ofthe genre. With tons of intelligent gags and surprise cameos, this hilarious film has all the ingredients of a good comedy.

PAUL | Directed by Greg Mottola (UK, US et al. 2011) with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jason Bateman, and Seth Rogan. Opens April 14