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Unlikely superheroes

OUT NOW! The plot is nothing new, but stunning animation and cute characters make Disney's animated BIG HERO 6 worth watching.

While its world is not as perfectly imagined as, say, Monsters, Inc. or Wreck-It Ralph, and its plot of too easily resolved conflicts betrays a decidedly kidfriendly sensitivity, this fast-paced, marvelously rendered movie about a group of unlikely superheroes still has plenty to offer for the whole family. Admittedly, the story, which features familiar themes of loss, revenge and sacrifice and carries the requisite message of diversity, isn’t the film’s strongest suit. But the scenarios often come with a hilarious and rousing underdog sentiment brilliantly expressed through minute illustration. The character design is very successful, especially in the case of the robotic healthcare companion Baymax. Chubby, compassionate, ultrahuggable, quick in completing body scans but not in movements, it’s an off-the-charts adorable screen creation that gives the Despicable Me Minions a run for their money. Set in the city of “San Fransokyo”, the movie combines traditional Asian aesthetics and the distinct charm of the Bay Area to deliver sumptuous visuals complete with cherry blossoms, neon-lit skyscrapers and lanternadorned cable cars, and the flight and combat sequences – soaring, sweeping, seamlessly realised – are just glorious to watch.

Big Hero 6 | Directed by Don Hall, Chris Williams (USA 2014) with (voices of) Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, Jamie Chung. Starts January 22

Originally published in issue #134, January 2015.