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OUT NOW! Michael Glawogger journeys around the world to film anything and everything that comes his way in UNTITLED and it's beautiful.

Along with cinematographer Attila Boa and sound operator Manuel Siebert, Austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger set out to travel the world for a year, intuitively filming with no specific themes in mind. However, several months into the project, Glawogger unexpectedly passed away from malaria after an incorrect diagnosis.

Superbly edited by his longstanding collaborator and Michael Haneke regular Monika Willi, who took over Glawogger’s orphaned project, this posthumous documentary is a mesmeric and profoundly compassionate travelogue composed of his last footage, shot in the Balkans, Italy, North and West Africa. It has been assembled in the spirit of the initial endeavour, with the lack of agenda, judgment or overarching thematic ties only galvanizing certain rhythms and even revealing motifs within a frequently poetic mosaic.

The gushing description above may come off as unintentionally off-putting, and while most audiences don’t rush to spend their well-earned cash on what is essentially a two-hours-shy mood-piece, you’d do well not to miss out. Untitled is a transcendental cinematic experience, a masterpiece of both observant and serendipitous film-making, one that washes over you, opening eyes and minds.

Untitled | Directed by Michael Glawogger, Monika Willi (Austria, 2017). Starts Oct 26.

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