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  • The 40-year-old virgin, Icelandic-style


The 40-year-old virgin, Icelandic-style

OUT NOW! VIRGIN MOUNTAIN handles its admittedly done-before premise with admirable grace, charm and gentle humour.

Set around a forty-something virgin living at home with his mum, working as an airport baggage handler and re-enacting the battle of El-Alamein with toy soldiers in his spare time, Virgin Mountain is the gentle tale of a mountain being moved, as Fúsi the hero finds love, independence, heartbreak and life. It’s perhaps not the most original premise, but intricately plotted and beautifully acted; it’s the best in its class – a devastatingly precise portrait that demands tenderness instead of ridicule.

Virgin Mountain | Directed by Dagur Kari (Iceland, Denmark 2015) with Gunnar Jónsson, Ilmur. Starts November 12

Originally published in issue #143, November 2015.

Kristjánsdóttir. Starts November 12