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Corruption in the Congo

OUT NOW! VIVA RIVA! is an authentic look at the political and social problems facing both the Congalese and the wider world.

Apparently money, whores and criminality don’t bring happiness. Shame. Viva Riva! follows hero Riva’s (Bay) high-rolling exploits in the Congolese capital, assisted by a locally recruited cast that contributes greatly to the film’s authentic ambiance. Although aimed specifically at exposing the corruption in all aspects of Congolese life, the film also opines on the shallowness of the desires driving modern societies. By focusing on an impoverished boy in the last scene, Munga leaves it up to us to decide which way the pendulum will swing.

Viva Riva! | Directed by Djo Munga (Congo, France, Belgium 2010) with Patsha Bay, Manie Malone, Diplome Amekindra. Starts March 15