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Wide angled world

OUT NOW! VIVAN LAS ANTIPODES is a visually arresting exploration of the earths cultural extremities that imparts a welcome sense of unity.

Niche cult director Kossakovsky’s poetic partnering of four antipodes (places situated at opposite ends of the globe) takes us from Spain to New Zealand, Hawaii to Botswana, Patagonia to Lake Baikal and Argentina to Shanghai. Using close-ups and wide-angles as well as turning his camera upside down and in all other directions, Kossakovsky searches for surface similarities whilst revealing differences – most memorably when a shot of a lava field on Big Island morphs into the wrinkled skin of an African elephant. The result is a vision of oneness that embraces variety. If only!

Vivan Las Antipodes | Directed bt Victor Kossakovsky (Russia, 2011) Starts February 23