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Gallic groan-fest

OUT NOW! Derivative and dull, VIVE LA FRANCE takes the temperament of Borat then strips it of any satirical insight.

Derivative and dull, “Vive la France” takes the temperament of “Borat” then strips it of any satirical insight.

Take the temperament of Borat and The Dictator and the plot of Four Lions. Churn roughly together. Strain out all insight, poignance and actual humour. Marinate in utterly failed Gallic self-deprecation. Stir in painful gags based on Central Asian table manners, an unheard-of nation called Tabboulehstan (no, really), Semtex, French labour strikes, furries (don’t ask) and hitting women in the face. Scatter with more slapstick and a bargain bin Klezmer soundtrack, and serve to the only conceivable audience: five-year-old bigots.

Vive la France | Directed by Michaël Youn (France, 2012), with José Garcia, Michaël Youn. Starts October 31