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Walter Crasshole: Love to hate

Um, I hate weekends like this. I'd only have a slight chance of doing everything worth doing this top-heavy Friday.

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Photo by Adam L212 (Flickr CC)

Um, I hate weekends like this. If only one could schedule all the nightlife activities subsequently, rather than concurrently, I could have the slight possibility of doing everything worth doing this weekend. Only slightly, given that I cut out food and keep the drinks flowing at incredible rate. That ‘s not possible (at least not without a DeLorean), so I’m not even going to TELL you which events I’m actually hitting, just all the possibilities. It’s really Friday that’s so top heavy anyways, but still, I’m going to be exhausted after all of this.

First worth the mention (almost no one I know actually managed to score a ticket, but for you die-hards who want to try anyways), Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (Fri, May 6 @ Cassiopeia) bring their rainbow backed hardcore sex and violence rap to Berlin to up the stakes on their buzz. Good luck to those who try.

Concerts are one way to just start a night, so if you can’t hit up Tyler and co., you can always check the opening night of Freiluftkino Kreuzberg for Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop (Fri, May 6). EXBERLINER can even get you a two-for-one deal on the tickets here. If you live in Berlin and magically have completely avoided knowing what this film is about in the seven months since it’s been out here (and worldwide), see my review here.

After that… down in Kreuzberg, past and present collide with CAMP! (Fri, May 6 @ Festsaal) and man of the 2001 moment and electroclash purveyor Larry Tee plus Berlin fave Monsiour Bonaparte both providing some trouble behind the decks.

In Friedrichshain, Joey Hansom throws a benefit for his new project Make Out Magazine (Fri, May 6 @ Raumerweiterungshalle). How do I know this project is worth supporting? If his karaoke skills carry over to his writing and editing skills, it’s going to be jaw-dropping.

And, of course, there’s always London Calling (Fri, May 6 @ Schwuz) – a regular happening, but always a resource to spend the first Friday of the month. Plus, Sheila Chipperfield will be spinning and she’s mad!

Back round to Saturday warm-ups, Freiluftkino has another one worth catching – Tom Tykwer’s Drei (Sat, May 7), a good opportunity to catch a German master in Berlin with English subtitles! I don’t even know what the film is about (it’s Tykwer, I don’t need much more), but don’t waste an opp.

And then there’s Gegen Humanism (Sat, May 7 @ MIKZ). A rumor has it that it’s the last one for a little while, so be sure to get in the action this time. High concept, high decadence. As always, there’s too much going on in the two floor alt-tower of Reveler Str. to mention here, so I can just say that none of your senses will be unstimulated there.

On Sunday, I can shamelessly plug myself DJing at PORK (Sun, May 8 @ Ficken 3000). It’s been over a year since I’ve taken the time to share what I’m into musically, but you should be there anyways, just to get down and dirty in the mud, i.e. the dance floor and dark room.

Okay, I don’t hate this weekend so much.