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Rotting brain Saturday night

OUT NOW! Not exactly faithful to folklore or pushing any boundaries, WARM BODIES is enjoyable enough.

Vampires, witches, zombies… the kids – and plenty of the rest of us – just can’t get enough of them. The steady stream of young-adult centred supernatural flicks that has grown up around Potter, Twilight et al. has almost reached critical mass but Jonathan Levine’s (50/50) adaptation of Isaac Marion’s ”zombie romance’ proves that there’s always room for more.

Warm Bodies is an enjoyably entertaining slice of post-apocalyptic post-modern fun. Held tightly together by Nichols Hoult’s (About a Boy, A Single Man) implausibly good looking and thoughtful zombie R’s shambling romantic pursuit of Julie (Teresa Palmer), the film takes plenty of liberties with undead folklore. Indeed, you can almost hear the cries of disapproval from the depths of the comic book store as the zombie horde moves fast then slow then fast again.

Also featuring the reliably hammy John Malkovitch and a blistering 1980s-informed soundtrack – zombies marching to the Scorpions’ “Rock You Like A Hurricane” anyone? –  this is a classy Saturday night flick for those who don’t give a rotting brain when genres are spliced and mashed to a grizzly pulp.

Warm Bodies | Directed by Jonathan Levine (USA 2013) with Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich. Starts February 21