Shallow house

OUT NOW! Zach Efron is an aspiring DJ in the party-centric and somewhat clumsy summer flick WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS.

Capturing boys and girls gyrating to wild beats on sun-kissed frames, their sweat and youth spent with blissful abandon, this party-centric drama about an aspiring DJ (Efron) scores with its appetising look and sound, which fuel an infectious, carnal energy. Too bad it has to get serious, weighing itself down with clumsy subplots and an unconvincing love triangle. So while diving into this high-gloss, hormone-driven Abercrombie paradise of the senses, be prepared to also cringe. 

We Are Your Friends | Directed by Max Joseph (USA 2015) with Zac Efron, Emily Ratajkowski. Starts August 27

Originally published in issue #141, September 2015.