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When plans go awry

OUT NOW! UN PLAN PARFAIT has Diane Kruger orchestrating the perfect plan to ensure her ideal life to lame effect.

Isabel (Kruger) fears the family curse: first marriages end in divorce and she’d like her long-term love to stay the course.

Her sister sets up a plan: pop over to Denmark, get married to some stooge for a day, get divorced and then live happily ever after with Pierre. Do things go wrong and does the hapless airport acquaintance Jean-Yves play a role as they head off for Nairobi and Moscow? Yep. The only excuse for this film is the scenery (and Boon’s passable impersonation of a French Quebecois accent).

Un Plan Parfait/ Der Nächste Bitte | Directed by Pascal Chaumeil (France 2012) with Diane Kruger, Dany Boon. Starts March 21