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OUT NOW! The third part of Glawogger's trilogy, WHORES' GLORY gets a different kind of intimacy with prostitution.

Glawogger’s final instalment of his observational trilogy, documenting the struggles of our increasingly globalised and interconnected world, focuses specifically on the relentless plight of impoverished prostitutes from three corners of the globe.

Set in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico, the documentary exposes both the common issues and troubles at the core of the profession as well as some of the key national and cultural distinctions of the trade.

The director’s unusually square and non-judgemental treatment of both the trade as a whole and the individuals would be an excellent start to re-evaluating any pre-existing derogatory or prejudiced opinions you may hold about prostitution.

Whores’ Glory | Directed by Michael Glawogger (Austria, 2011). Starts September 2