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Why Are We Creative?


Over the course of 30 years, Hermann Vaske has interviewed filmmakers, artists, musicians, writers and world leaders, always opening with the same slightly awkward question: “Why are you creative?” This doc stitches the responses into a patchwork quilt of introspective musings, unsurprisingly finding sexuality, spirituality, trauma and plain old egotism to be major driving forces. The impressive talent roster ensures an enjoyable watch: David Bowie is on charming form in two playfully staged interviews, while performance artist Marina Abramović proves a delightfully droll raconteur. There’s also the odd moment of accidental comic gold, such as when George H. W. Bush mishears the question as “why were you created?” But ultimately, Vaske seems more interested in showing off his star-studded footage than developing his own narrative.

Why Are We Creative? | Directed by Hermann Vaske (Germany 2018) documentary. Starts October 4

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