Wind River


This compelling murder mystery by Taylor Sheridan (writer of Sicario and Hell or High Water) sees a rookie FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) investigate the death of a young woman found frozen to death in the vast snowscape of a Wyoming American Indian reservation. She finds help from a local tracker (Jeremy Renner), who guides her through the unforgiving location. Both actors are perfectly cast in roles that demand a restrained but palpable chemistry, and are propped up by Sheridan’s desire to root proceedings in realism. His approach to violence, buttressed by excellent editing and crisp sound design, makes for some unexpected and hard-hitting beats, while his respectful depiction of the marginalisation of Native Americans is to be applauded. A chilling thriller that’s warmly recommended.

Wind River | Directed by Taylor Sheridan (US, 2017) with Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner. Starts February 8.

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