Wu Tang fan

OUT NOW! Wu Tang's RZA unleashes a lifetime of kung fu flick fandom in his directorial debut THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS.

Wu-Tang maestro RZA pours a lifetime of kung fu fandom and Eastern philosophy into this cluttered tale of revenge.  We’re in feudal China; gold has been stolen; a peaceful leader has been killed; a man made of steel is on a warpath; a hooded menace is killing people with poisoned darts; a bunch of other stuff is going on too. It’s all a bit messy. An iron-fisted Blacksmith (RZA himself) joins up with a hedonistic English gent (a plump-and-thoroughly-enjoying-himself Russell Crowe) to claim gold and vengeance from these muddled affairs.

The Man With The Iron Fists | Directed by RZA (USA 2012) with RZA, Russell Crowe. Starts November 29