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Time travelling teens

OUT NOW! How many more trashy teen novels adapted for screen can we really take? RUBINROT throws in its horrible contribution.

Adapted from Kerstin Geier’s best-selling Edelstein trilogy, “Rubinrot” (‘Ruby Red’) bears the telltale afflictions of an epic that could’ve been.

Depicting the chance discovery by 16-year-old heroine Gwendolyn (Ehrich) that she has inherited the familial ‘gift’ of time travel, this one redeeming plot feature involving centuries of society power struggles and dark prophecies is side- lined and watered down to make space for an obvious and predictably unspectacular teen love story.

Rubinrot | Directed Felix Fuchssteiner (Germany 2013) with Maria Ehrich, Laura Berlin, Jannis Niewöhner. Starts March 14