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Your Weekend: Check list

The first real snow came this week and it's a doozy. Here's a small list to get prepared for living through the deep freeze and then some. Just don't blame us if you get in trouble for any of it.

Photo by Edwin Land (Flickr CC)

It’s my birthday today and I figure I should be as pragmatic as I am dramatic on this day, so I’m doing a bit of shopping to prepare for our first truly cold weekend.

Shopping list for stepping out…

1) A good looking winter coat to stay warm – no sense being trapped at the door and looking like a marshmellow.

2) Long underwear – this shit goes a long way and no one sees it anyways.

3) Unstamped U-Bahn tickets – can be a savior when you want to ride for just one stop but don’t want to pay.

2) Several mini-flasks of vodka – for any time of the day really, a shot of that goes a long way in the warmth department.

3) A few more mini-flasks of your preferred poison – just for good measure.

As if you didn’t know, Berlin is the international capital of electronic music, so if you want to validation of a full-scale curated fest in Berlin’s pregnant oyster hit up the Worldtronics Festival. Aside from the party, there’s also some film about Russian DJs trying to make it to Berlin in elektroSTANCIJA (Fri, Dec 3 @ Haus der Kulturen der Welt). Must be tough. Otherwise you could close out the German autumn with the finissage of MMX’s Show VII (Fri, Dec 3 @ MMX). It’s their final exhibition, so nothing more from them, until one more party comes up this year…

The next day, the oyster continues to birth by bringing us a decidedly different kind of Flohmarkt… Worldtronics hosts the Elektro-Fachmarkt Trade Fair (Sat, Dec 4 @ Haus der Kulturen der Welt). Pick up all the essentials and knowledge you need to just stay afloat in Berlin’s electronic saturated world. In the early part of the evening, you can see the gay, HIV+ alt-90s (does that look like a computer quick code to you?) Bonnie and Clyde, The Living End: Remixed and Remastered (Sat, Dec 4 @ Hackesche Höfe Kino) is playing as part of Berliner Aidshilfe’s PositHIVe Screenings. I used to LOVE this film when I was younger. Not sure how it’s “remixed or remastered” though – I assume they have the money to put more Joy Division in the soundtrack now.

And stock up on the above list and visit us at the EXBERLINER stand at the Nowkölln Flohmarkt (Sun, Dec 5 @ Nowkölln Flohmarkt). And share a shot of vodka with us. We’ll be cold!