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Your Weekend: Come on… you know what it is

Walter's in Prague at the time of this writing and although he's enjoying himself and loving the city, the nightlife just doesn't stack up compared to Berlin. Just remember that!

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Photo by Conan (Conanil; Flickr CC)

Writing from the cold of Prague, it seems easy to say I miss another city – even though the city I miss is just as cold as this one. Yes, Prague is beautiful and wonderful and a whole other level of Europe for an Amerikaner like myself, but it’s true – I miss Berlin’s nightlife. There isn’t a whole lot here and what I find is something of a more voyeuristic experience for me. “So, this is how the Czechs party.” And they’re great. But the lack of inhibitions and disdain for repetition in Berlin makes my chosen Heimat so much better.

And so, I want to tell you all to not take for granted what you’ve got there.

Oh my god, I sound like a fuckin’ granny telling children how good they have it.

For your Friday pleasure, I can easily direct you to our NYE party guide and that’s that.

If you haven’t hit the floor from Friday or aren’t still at previous night’s parties, then all I can say is try to find a cool down and catch the new Coppola film, Tetro (Sat, Jan 1 @ Babylon Mitte). We had tickets to give away for it, in case you spent all your dosh on those expensive door prices from the night before. Hopefully one of you lucky dogs scored some.

Enjoy crossing the yearly divide. I’ll be back in town before it happens, so you know I will.