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  • Your Weekend: Cured illness, rockin’ birthdays and CRACK!


Your Weekend: Cured illness, rockin’ birthdays and CRACK!

It's time to get back into the long unsleep, no matter what your circumstances. Breathing Berlin air can be deadly if you're not diluting it with a good mix of alcohol, music, nicotine and scandalous conversation.

I remember when I got here my weekend used to begin on Thursday nights (with Chantal’s House of Shame – the name says it all) and ended sometime Monday morning. Of course, as much as I would like, the multiple illnesses of chronic poverty, (eventual) system failure and work realities (I have to be here to run the website upon which this appears, dear reader) have dampened, a bit, my zeal for weeks where the end is longer than the rest. But in Berlin, this dampening is cyclical, like politics swinging from center-right to far right (as they are now in my home country) and October’s mood might be time for everyone to get back into the long unsleep.

I assure you that, by the time you read this, I will have gone to Chantal’s the night before so my upcoming recommendations come from the heart of a night owl.

For Friday – I plugged Randy a few weeks ago, but since her relentless energy is one to keep you coming back for more of the party, I’ll plug Ms. Twigg again, this time at Search & Destroy (Fri, Oct 15 @ Schwuz). Rock’n’roll has always been kinda gay, so get with it. For a more serious alternative bit though, one can always attend the screening of Eine Demokratische Entscheidung (Fri, Oct 15 @ Central Kino) (“a democratic decision” in German). This doc about the destruction of the Palast der Republik may sound serious, but it’s part of the 15th anniversary of the legendary Haus Schwarzenberg, one of the last alt. cultural centres left in the heart of Mitte. And if you want to keep up with the alternative learnin’, check out Blickwechsel (Fri, Oct 15 @ Neurotitan Gallery), an exhibition of various artists connected to the collective that’s been running the Haus for the last decade and a half.

For Saturday – at the last Crackbaby I went to in July, I fondly remember watching decrepit old men humping piles of trash while smoking cigarettes. I think that was also happening on the screen showing Harmony Korine’s Trash Humpers. After a small break, Crackbaby (Sat, Oct 16 @ Monster Ronson’s) is back and the trash humpers are a bit younger this time around, with Tennessee Claflin and Platz Blanche performing. Should be delightfully grisly. And since we’re on the topic of celebrating life, I can’t seem to stay away from the Haus’ birthday. Glamour to Kill (Sat, Oct 16 @ Eschschloraque) is playing as part of the celebration – worth the pill it takes to walk through Mitte. But if you’re looking for a typische Berliner Party and need “real” DJs for that spark of Saturday night, then hit up UschiMania (Sat, Oct 16 @ Suicide Circus) – near superstar Ewan Pearson tops a line of impressive sounding beat providers, so don’t miss.

And I trust after all this you can find your way to Monday morning, sleep or not by the power of the Berliner Luft.