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Your Weekend: Dreams, Vikings and giant canvases

Find out what's happening, from cars coming to a stop at Oberbaumbrücke to the big names are coming to town to DJ...

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Poster for DREAM Berlin 2010 at Templehof Airport.

It’s Friday again and I feel like I’ve been out too many school nights this week already. Temptations to go out again tonight are invading me with the strength of a Viking. Or rather, the strength of a Viking descendent…

It’s the 11th instalment of ‘Sweeden, Sweeden’ and electro popster Niva (Fri 30 July @ Magnet) plays as the next trump card to continue to steadily invade Berlin’s music scene. As a sucker for electro, I’ve gladly resigned myself to heading along.

A few weeks ago I was fascinated to learn about Russian born Sergei Eisenstein and his thwarted efforts in 1931to make a film about the Mexican Revolution. He was shipped back to Russia at Stalin’s command and the footage he recorded in Mexico was banned from reaching him. So now, however many decades later, his original footage is being screened as an unfinished edit called Que viva México! (Fri 30 July @ Martin-Gropius-Bau).

But if it’s a blockbuster you’re after, Inception just hit Berlin Kinos yesterday – so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of places showing the new Christopher Nolan film.

Artwards, it’s your last chance to see Czech born multimedia artist Ján Mančuška’s exhibition Everything That Really Is, But Has Been Forgotten (Fri 30 July @ Meyer Riegger), who our art critic Sam also did an interview with for the last issue.

Moving onto Saturday, it’s time to get those excitement energy levels pumping. World class dance legends Tiësto and David Guetta are headlining DREAM Berlin (Sat 31 July @ Templehof Airport) . The venue was originally supposed to be at the ICC but I guess our boys are too big for that so it’s now been moved to Templehof. Plenty of other DJs accompany the mainly house line-up to play the airport’s three stages. Tickets are priced from €60, with other wanky VIP packages available for the closest spots to the stage. I feel a little bit ill to see that the ‘Premium’ package at €300 is sold out! No such thing as the early bird catches the worm anymore, is there? Sigh.

Elsewhere on the Templehof grounds it’s your last chance to see the break-dance and acrobatics spectacle VibeZ (Sat 31 July @ ufaFabrik).

Outdoor art gives another reason for a stroll down to Oberbaumbrücke other than to drink Sternberg as the sun sets. I accidently stumbled across this Open Air Gallery (Sun Aug 1st @ Oberbaumbrücke) last month. Apparently artists in Berlin come together twice a summer; the road along the bridge is closed for cars and there are lots of stalls and a giant canvas for you to make some paint scribbles on instead. Lovely!

Sunday night is a tossup between The Black Seeds (Sun Aug 1st @ Arena) and Milton Bradley/Henning Baer (Sun Aug 1st @ Suicide Circus), depending on which you’re more drawn towards – reggae-dubstep or deep techno. Tschüss life, tschüss to party.