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Your weekend: Save an attitude dealer

Record stores deal in two things. Attitude and records. And the world needs both, so make sure you go out on Record Store Day and support! Plus more stuff to do!

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Among the regular hubbub of this weekend, there’s a day to honor an almost fallen comrade – Record Store Day on Saturday, April 16. As someone who spent a quarter of his life working in record stores, I can tell you those surly purveyors of attitude and plastic are a crucial part of youth culture. The time spent in a record store learning about music cannot be replaced by Facebook and YouTube – handy for sure, but to be used as auxiliary tools. So make sure you hit up your local shops on Saturday. Six stores in Berlin are taking part. Go here to find out which ones.

Now, if this NATO conference doesn’t swallow up all of Berlin, the first thing I suggest you do is go see Mary Ocher at Search and Destroy (Fri, Apr 15 @ Schwuz). Yeah, we give her a shout out almost every week, but we actually REALLY like her and I’d tell you to go to Search and Destroy anyway. Otherwise, San Francisco dancer and choreography Keith Hennessy will be performing the second night of his piece Crotch (Fri, Apr 15 @ Tanzfabrik). Be sure to read our interview. If you want to see an actualized version of Nathan Barley but less funny and more annoying, there’s The Teenagers (Fri, Apr 15 @ Tausend Bar) for those who wish to stand around and not really give a crap about the music.

Achtung Berlin, the film festival presenting cinema produced or shot in Berlin, screens Angel Express (Sat, Apr 16 @ Filmtheater am Friedrichshain) the next night. It’s a good opp to see what the city itself is up to in terms of indie and not-so-indie filmmaking. For the party crowd, Miss Kittin (Sat, Apr 16 @ Weekend) DJs to a crowd of retro revelers, but we’re not sure if she’ll bring her nurse’s outfit or talk about Frank Sinatra.

Now, have fun and don’t forget to get to a record shop. Do whatever it takes to procure a few euros to buy something, too – even if you gotta steal money from your momma’s purse!

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