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Your Weekend: Dance your Mussolini

Don't be an intolerant dick, it doesn’t look good. But there's plenty of stuff that does.

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If you’re looking for something not to do on the weekend, might I recommend this? Seriously, not a good idea to go around burning and/or harassing minority religious institutions in Berlin, it doesn’t look good. And where the hell are the people in power speaking out against this shit? Perhaps cowering over the idea that it could get uglier out there if they say something? Somebody should. What about the Xmas spirit? “Kick in the shins, kick in the shins/ Is that how you say I love you?” (Not that I’m religious or even really celebrate, but everyone else in Germany goes nuts for it.)

Anyways, here’s your guide for what to do with the weekend. Hopefully that brings an equalizing attitude where we realize all we’re really after is a good time.

While modern “punk rock” doesn’t really turn me on, I have to admit that when the Punk & Disorderly festival hit Berlin last year, Kreuzberg was a hilarious mess of international punks. Middle Finger Salute (Fri, Dec 10 @ Tommy-Weisbecker-Haus), who played the festival last year, return and if you’re not into the music, then enjoy the vintage squat ambience.

If you’re feeling artier, what once was in the hands of DIYers is trying to edge its way into the mainstream. A new joint on Köpenicker Straße called Pony Pedro (Fri, Dec 10 @ Pony Pedro) will have silk-screen printing on display in a venue-proper. Doesn’t mean it’s not still in the hands of DIYers, but it does make you wonder if that will mean anything in the future. The exhibition still looks pretty fly though.

And if you’re looking to look fly for your Saturday night, Holy. Shit. Shopping. happens this weekend (Sat & Sun, Dec 11 & 12 @ .HBC) – it’s hipster shopping that’s trying to say “why not?” to Weihnacht. Or whatever.

And then there’s D.A.F. (Sat, Dec 11 @ Festsaal). Some of the best of the Neue Deutsche Welle – truly German in that they went from experimental post-punk to danceable grooves in drei seconds. And they told you along that you’re really dancing “the Mussolini”.

And just a little something for Monday, too. There are few unknown icons these days, what with Wikipedia and all, but then there are the German ones. The Christoph Schlingensief (who died this year of lung cancer) Retrospective could be a provocative way to end your weekend (or begin your week) – check out 100 Jahre Adolf Hitler (Mon, Dec 13 @ Babylon Mitte) starring the one German icon that’s known everywhere, Udo Kier.

Oh, and FYI – next week this blog is moving to Thursday morning so you can plan your weekend better. Konrad Werner will close out the week from now on with his political funnies.