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Holiday hotpot? Top Berlin restaurants open over Christmas

Tired of turkey? These Korean, Chinese & Indian restaurants might serve the best xmas food in Berlin

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 Next to the Chinese Embassy, Ming Dynastie has something for everyone. Photo: Ming Dynastie

What does Christmas Eve mean to you? For some of us, the answer is “Chinese food”. The tradition of welcoming Yuletide with lo mein and wonton soup dates back to the Manhattan of a century ago, when Jewish immigrants would gather for low-key celebrations at the only restaurants that were open. 

But you don’t have to be Jewish to crave a Heiligabend meal that isn’t the same old sauerkraut and boiled goose – and your options aren’t limited to Chinese, either. What about Vietnamese pho, Indian chaat or Syrian maqluba? These restaurants (and deliveries) are the answer to all your alternative Christmas wishes.

A Spree-side spread at Ming Dynastie

Photo: ming_dynastie

There are buzzier Chinese restaurants in this city, but we’ll always have a soft spot for the riverside restaurant next to the Chinese Embassy (and its slightly less charming sister venue in the Europa Center). In keeping with the trend towards regionality, both branches have adopted more of a Sichuan bent in recent years. But the thick, people-pleasing menu still ensures there’s something for everyone: chicken feet and century eggs for the authenticity chasers, egg drop soup and fried rice for fans of the Euro-Chinese classics, Beijing duck and gong bao scallops for the luxury lovers, not to mention loads of vegan and vegetarian dishes. 

  • Ming Dynastie, Brückenstr. 6, Mitte, daily 12 – 22, details

Festive fine dining at UUU

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Let UUU be your Christmas culinary laboratory. Photo: Aida Baghernejad

Want a Chinese Christmas feast you’ll truly remember? Head to UUU, the culinary laboratory and nine-person dining room presided over by chef Yuhang Wu and host Jonas Borchers. Their 10-course extravaganza paired with tea and homemade kombucha makes for a delightful festive treat. Past menus have involved fresh-made tofu, chilli-flavoured foam and Brandenburg spaghetti beans; we can’t predict the actual contents of this one, but for €159 a person, expect fireworks.

  • UUU, Sprengelstr. 15, Wedding, from 19:30, open until December 23rd, reserve here

DIY dipping at Xiao Long Kan

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Celebrate xmas with fiery Sichuan broth. Photo: Shoo Loong Kann

Let the normies have their fondue. A pot of Sichuan broth, as fiery as a Yule log and as red as Santa’s suit, is what you should really be dunking your food into this Christmas. And there’s currently no hotter place to get it than Xiao Long Kan (aka Shoolongkan), the much-loved Wilmersdorf branch of an international Chinese chain. Choose from a vast array of meats, veggies, seafood, noodles, rice cakes and more, to be cooked in a meat or vegetarian soup base and spiced up with a sauce you mix yourself. The bigger your party, the cheaper the meal gets, so round up all your friends who haven’t left town.

  • Xiao Long Kan, Meinekestr. 22, Wilmersdorf, daily 12 – 23, special Christmas “surprise” when you come between December 16th and 25th, details

Spice Christmas at The Indique

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Eat as they do in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kerala. Photo: Indique

It’s been overshadowed by the likes of Saravanaa Bhavan and Tiffin, but with its focus on what people in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kerala are eating today, this Mitte spot presents a refreshing change from the omnipresent static curry menus and traditional recipes. And with the five-course set meals it’s offering over the holidays – featuring your selection of appetisers, an array of deliciously flavoursome entrees, plus dal – now’s the time to try it out.

  • The Indique, Ziegelstr. 29, Mitte, Wed-Sun 17 – 23, open until December 24th, reserve a table here

Pho and a shopping spree at the Dong Xuan Center

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Vietnam in Berlin at the Dong Xuan Center. Photo: Stefanie Kaiser

Lichtenberg’s famous Vietnamese warehouse complex is closed on Tuesdays, and only Tuesdays. Meaning that as long as Christmas falls on any other day of the week, you can come here to get your fill of pho, goi cuon and bun cha, or simply stock up on Asian ingredients for a blowout dinner at home. Where else can you get your duck in both adult and embryonic form (don’t knock trứng vịt lộn till you’ve tried it)? Afterwards, those who’ve procrastinated on gift-buying can trawl the halls for chintzy plastic toys, accessories and fake plants made by – let’s say “elves”, if that soothes your conscience.

  • Don Xuan Center, Herzbergstr. 128-139, Lichtenberg, Wed-Mon 10 – 20, details

Stay up for Santa at Schwarzes Café

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Fancy a midnight beer at Schwarzes Cafe? Photo: HiPi

Pour out a pilsner for Schwarzes Café’s legendary round-the-clock opening hours. A couple of years ago, the neon parrot on Kantstraße went dark between 3-8am, a schedule change apparently instituted after a number of attacks on personnel (what is wrong with people?). That said, this remains the only place in Berlin where you can sit out Christmas on your lonesome with a midnight beer and a Bauernomelette, and absolutely no one will judge you for it. 

  • Schwarzes Cafe, Kantstr. 148, Charlottenburg, see here for details on Christmas opening hours.

Heavenly hummus

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Heavenly hummus. Photo: Henry Schröder

What would Jesus eat? Not goose, if we’re being honest. No, were the man resurrected in Berlin today, he’d make a beeline for the Palestinian restaurants of Sonnenallee, most of which stay as lit up as a Douglas fir over the holidays. Or the saintly Kreuzberger Himmel, where an all-refugee kitchen team cooks up home-style Syrian specialties. Personally, we’d guide him towards Friedrichshain’s Aleppo Supper Club, which also has a larger satellite in Wühlischstraße. Creamy aubergine muttabal, a cashew-studded version of the rice dish maqluba and out-of-this-world kibbe make for a spread worthy of the King of Kings. 

  • Aleppo Supper Club, Rigaer Str. 58/Wühlischstr. 21, Friedrichshain, daily 11 – 22 (Fri-Sun till 22:30), details

Mod-Med holidays at Night Kitchen

Night Kitchen. Photo: nightkitchenberlin.com

Speaking of the Levant, any Christmas spent at Night Kitchen is bound to be a good time. We’re guessing the Mitte hotspot, known for the orgy of modern-Mediterranean flavour bombs that is its “Dinner with Friends” menu, will book out fast on the 24th. So act now if you want to make merry over challah, tomato carpaccio, sticky braised pork belly and the obligatory cocktail or three.

  • Night Kitchen, Heckmann Höfe, Oranienburger Str. 32, Mitte, Tue-Sun 17 – 24, reserve here

Christmas glitz at Borchardt

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Can you call Borchardt’s high-society brasserie alternative? PHoto: Eventpress/Fuhr

Is high-society brasserie Borchardt alternative? It is if you don’t normally spend your evenings on Gendarmenmarkt, sipping truffled chestnut soup or nibbling on king crab tartare. Anything goes when you’re in town for the holidays, so why not take the excuse to go all out? You might not see a celebrity, but with your choice of three-course menus starring free-range goose, pike perch filet, filet of beef or braised Hokkaido pumpkin (€59-95), you’ll certainly eat like one.

  • Borchardt, Französische str. 47, Mitte, December 24th & 25th: 6 – 24, December 26th: 12 – 24, December 31st & January 1st: 6 – 24, reserve here

Feast of seven (or more) fishes with Fish Klub

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Fish Klub at Markthalle IX. Photo: Fish Klub

You don’t have to be from southern Italy to mark Christmas Eve by eating all the seafood you can get your hands on. This Christmas, the small-scale, sustainable vendors at Fish Klub are taking orders for fresher-than-fresh French fish (say that three times fast) or, if you’d rather not cook, decadent shellfish platters brimming with oysters, crabs, shrimp and once-a-year delicacies like sea urchins and Breton lobster. Pick up your briny bounty at their Kreuzberg location.

  • Fish Klub, Markthalle Neun, Eisenbahnstr. 42/43, Kreuzberg, details

Dip into Japan with Zenkichi

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Celebrate Christmas like they do in Japan at Zenkichi. Photo: voila

Want to celebrate Christmas like they do in Japan? Then… go to KFC. What, that’s not Japanese enough for you? A delivery from the recently-shuttered Zenkichi might do the trick. Having closed its doors on December 17th, the beloved establishment is continuing its takeaway service until the end of 2023. And you know what, the Wagyu beef Nigiri might be even more delicious than fried chicken.

  • Zenkichi, Order here via Wolt