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Georgian restaurants in Berlin: Khinkali, Khachapuri and more

Georgian food - if you haven't had it, now's your chance. With both established eateries and up-and-coming spots, Berlin is a Georgian food hotspot. Yum!

Photo: Ambavi

Georgian restaurants are still a bit of an insider secret in Berlin. However, as the small country’s cuisine is getting more and more hyped (alongside its reportedly excellent natural wine).

What’s more, a steady stream of young Georgians are moving to Berlin seeking new perspectives, liberal social values and, of course, techno. Luckily for us, they’re opening some pretty wonderful great restaurants serving up specialties like khachapuri (cheese pies) and khinkali (dumplings).

So where should you start with Georgian food in Berlin?

Great wines at The Blue Fox

Georgian restaurant with a beautiful interior, great wines and great food: The Blue Fox in Prenzlauer Berg. Photo: The Blue Fox

Georgians know how to eat: over hours, with plenty of wine. The Blue Fox in Prenzlauer Berg is one of the best spots in town to try Georgian wines. Pair their finest with the appetiser platter, on which various pastes, cheeses and salads are served. Or you can try the famous Khachapuri Acharuli: a “cheese boat”, filled with a raw egg and still warm cheese. After taking in the delicious smell for a moment, you can then begin to tear off the edges of the dough boat and dip the pieces into the gooey cheese in the middle.

On the off chance you’re still not full, you should order the chicken in milk and garlic. This dish is said by Georgians to be a gift from God – and who wants to commit a sin?

  • The Blue Fox  Knaackstr. 43, Prenzlauer Berg, Tue–Fri 5 p.m.–11 p.m., Sat+Sun 12 p.m.–11 p.m., Tel. 030/26 07 42 44, online

Voyage on a cheese boat at Schwiliko

Khachapuri in Schwiliko: Georgian batter with cheese and egg.  Photo: Imago/agefotostock

Schwiliko isn’t just a restaurant – it’s an extended family table. After all, the Kreuzberg restaurant is run by a mother-daughter duo.

if you can still stand at the end, you’ve done something wrong

Schwiliko also offers the Supra. This traditional feast is simple: eat a lot, drink even more, and if you can still stand at the end, you’ve done something wrong. But don’t worry, you can also just pop in for a regular dinner, without excess. Their khachapuri and home baked bread are among the best in Berlin!

  • Schwiliko Schlesische Straße 29, Kreuzberg, daily 5 p.m. to midnight, Tel. 030/61 62 35 88, online

Tarragon Lemonade and Georgian Grilled Skewers at Restorani Tbilisi

Grilling is also masterful in Georgian cuisine.  In the Restorani Tbilisi you can taste it.  Photo: Restorani Tbilsi

A staple of Georgian cuisine in Berlin, this place is always buzzing, showing the potential of the cuisine in Berlin. Even in Soviet times, Georgian food was considered the haute cuisine of real socialism.

 The menu includes all the classics of Georgian cuisine, sticking to the place’s motto: “Enjoyment from the Caucasus”. Here, you can very traditional khatschapuri (the stuffed cheese boat). It tastes slightly spicy, and isn’t too greasy. Vegans also get their money’s worth, with dishes like Badridjani nigvsit: fried aubergines with walnut paste filling. Original Georgian tarragon lemonade or Georgian wines are excellent companions for your food.

  • Restorani Tbilisi Schönfliesser Straße 15, Prenzlauer Berg, Wed-Sat 5pm-11pm, Sun 2pm-11pm, Tel. 030/23 92 70 15, online

Brunch at Ambavi

Vegetarians and vegans will also be happy at Ambavi.  Photo: Ambavi

The youngest Georgian restaurants in Berlin, Ambavi, hasn’t had an easy beginning. Opening in 2021, it was plagued (literally) by the uncertainty between lockdowns and corona rules, and had to puase operation for a few months. Now it’s back – and here to stay. Be sure to start with a sumptuous appetizer plate with the traditional walnut pastes and cornbread, then try the dough specialties such as the cheese boat khachapuri atcharuli with egg and butter or the kubdari stuffed with veal and onions, which is best enjoyed with a big group. Then move on to a traditional stew such as tchakapuli, or lamb in herb and cherry plum sauce. Or order a Supra, the Georgian banquet, which is offered here for 60 euros for two or more people.

it’s back – and here to stay

Brunch is also offered every weekend. The menu features a mix of international classics such as pancakes and brioche with salmon, as well as Georgian specialties. Heads up – Khinkhali, the traditional dumpling, is only available on Thursdays, so make a reservation!

  • Ambavi Straßmannstraße 30, Friedrichshain, Tue–Fri 11 a.m.–11 p.m., Sat+Sun 10 a.m.–11 p.m., on Instagram

Hidden gem on Torstrasse: Golden Fleece

Golden Fleece opened in the middle of the long lockdown in autumn 2020 – and therefore started as a delivery place. Lucky for us, you can now experience the small restaurant on Torstrasse in person and be transported to Tbilisi. We recommend the traditional kharcho soup and, of course, lots of Georgian wine.

  • Golden Fleece Torstraße 69, Mitte, Wed–Fri 4 p.m.–10 p.m., Sat 2 p.m.–10 p.m., Sun 12 p.m.–10 p.m., online

Modern meets traditional at Salhino

In the shadow of the Charlottenburg S-Bahn station, Salhino combines classic and traditional Georgian cuisine with a touch of modernity. We’re looking forward to trying the sliawi, veal with chopped plums and fresh herbs.

  • Salhino Waltzstraße 1, Charlottenburg, Tue-Thu 4pm-10.30pm, Fri 4pm-11pm, Sat 2pm-11pm, Sun 2pm-10.30pm, Tel. 030/55 59 45 63, online

Kin Za: Georgian joie de vivre that you can taste

Khinkali at Kin Za: Stuffed dumplings in Georgian.  Photo: Imago/YAY Images

The Kin Za is somewhat hidden in Mitte, but you shouldn’t miss it. Here, you can taste your way through the cuisine from the Caucasus in an uncomplicated and stunningly good way. Of course, we recommend the great khinkhali dumplings (which are not only available with meat, but also in a vegetarian and vegan versions!), but also great Georgian pastas, chicken dishes and especially the cornbread with cheese.

  • Kin Za Krausnickstraße 23, Mitte, daily 9.30 a.m. to 10 p.m., Tel. 0163/512 01 24, online

A Georgian classic in Wilmersdorf: Restaurant Genazvale

In the Genazvale restaurant, there are colorfully mixed shashlik skewers.  Photo: Imago/YAY images

Genazvale – in the west of the city – offers a rustic atmosphere and a wide selection of Georgian classics, including a wide selection of dough dishes, fish and meat specialties, as well as a selection of vegetarian dishes. Of course you will also find various shashliks on the menu. We recommend the menus for two people, in order to try a variety of dishes. For larger groups (four people) we recommend the Mtsvadi Mix “Genazvale”, with colorfully mixed skewers.

  • Restaurant Genazvale Hohenzollerndamm 33, Wilmersdorf, Mon-Fri 3pm-0am, Sat+Sun 2pm-12am, Tel. 030/23 57 82 92, online

Specialties from the clay pan at Gamarjoba

This one can be found on the cosmopolitan Kantstrasse. Fans of hearty stews get their money’s worth here, because the menu includes many dishes from the “ketsi”, a traditional clay pan. And by the way, they also deliver within a five-kilometer radius of Kantstrasse.

  • Gamarjoba Kantstraße 89, Charlottenburg, Mon-Thu 5pm-11pm, Fri 4pm-11pm, Sat+Sun 2pm-11pm, Tel. 0176/64 15 82 44, online

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