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A (pizza) slice of New York heaven

A slice of New York in Kreuzberg? Villa di Wow feeds Berliners and expats alike just that: pizza loaded with cheesy, greasy goodness and optionally pumped up with pepperoni. And it's not at New York prices!

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Photo by Marta Dominguez

Quit yer whining, New York expats; your cheesy, saucy salvation has arrived.

Despondent with the lack of great pizza in Kreuzberg, Spanish-born New Yorker Alberto Camarasa, owner of the record store/bar Wowsville, decided to take matters into his own hands and opened Villa di Wow, an NY-style pizza place with a rock n’ roll vibe.

Directly across the street from Wowsville on Ohlauer Straße, Villa di Wow stands out thanks to its bright and colourful design. Inside, the large oven and counter occupy the majority of the joint and old rockabilly classics lazily play overhead.

Come around 5pm and the display will be chock-full of fresh-baked pies. In contrast to the pallid rectangles you’ll find elsewhere in Kreuzberg, these slices are large, triangular and charred in places, with a thin, flexible crust so you can fold them in half in true New York fashion.

Dripping with melted Italian mozzarella, a cheese-only slice is €2.30; veggie and vegan slices are €2.50, while meatier options are €2.80. But if you want to get as authentic as possible, nothing beats the genuine American pepperoni (secretly smuggled past customs – don’t tell the Zollamt!) for €3. They also sell individual 28cm pizzas (€5-€6.50) which you can customise with a mix of toppings at whim for no extra charge.