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  • Donau101: British pies in the heart of Neukölln


Donau101: British pies in the heart of Neukölln

Traditional pies have found a home in Neukölln at the cosy and inviting Donau101 - perfect comfort food.

Traditional British pies with all the trimmings from Donau101. Photo: Liat Cohen

For chef Mischa Smeljanski, there are few things better than the sparkle in his guests’ eyes when they receive their plates of pie, fluffy mashed potatoes, peas and gravy. Berliners with British, Australian and New Zealand backgrounds have gone without their Anglo-Saxon comfort food fix since the much-loved Kreuzberg pie-maker HelloGoodPie closed down a few years ago.

German-Ukrainian Smeljanski didn’t grow up with the pub classic himself, “but every culture knows meat in dough,” he says. He was introduced to the art of upscale pie-making as an employee at St. Bart’s – the Graefekiez gastropub works closely with Donau101.

When it comes to the pie, Donau101 is all about traditional flavours and techniques: expect tried and tested combinations like chicken and mushroom, cheese and onion, or cheddar and beef. But they’re also not afraid to surprise their diners with pulpo and chorizo, or mac’n’cheese-filled pies. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

Donau101 is an address for traditional British cuisine in Neukölln. Photo: Donau101

It’s not just the pastry and delicious fillings that are homemade, but all the trimmings too. Creamy mashed potatoes, peas, gravy (both vegan or chicken-based), as well as the traditional brown sauce, ketchup and piccalilli (vegetables pickled in turmeric, mustard and vinegar).

If you want to eat in, there is a table a bench in front of the door with blankets and cosy cushions for the colder days. Stick around for glass of natural wine and look out for their special desserts.

  • Donau101, Donaustraße 101, Neukölln, details.

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