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  • Fine dining, delis and döner: 13 places to eat in Charlottenburg


Fine dining, delis and döner: 13 places to eat in Charlottenburg

Charlottenburg has no shortage of restaurants to pick from - here are some of our favourites.

893 Ryotei

Photo: 893 Ryōtei Berlin

Expect artfully-plated sashimi and elevated udon at 893 Ryotei. With Japanese and pan-Asian flavours at the centre of each dish, Latin American and Continental notes also add some more unexpected elements. Start your evening with one of the enticing cocktails, like the Yuzu Fizz made with Bombay east gin, tsuruume yuzu, lemon juice and tonic. Alcohol free options are also available. Dinner here is perfect if you’d like to splash out, so it’s a great spot if you’ve got a special night planned. The miso cod main is a 893 Ryotei menu classic. Or if you can’t commit to just one dish you can sample a variety of their sashimi plates, like the seambream served with sweet pickled radish, passe pierre seaweed and aji amarillo peppers.

  • Kantstraße 135/136 10625, get more information here.

Il Calice

Photo: Andreas Wohlgemuth

At Il Calice you can find a wide selection of hand-crafted natural wines and contemporary updates to authentic Italian classics. Their set lunch menu offers a choice of grilled melanzane, cesar salad or legume soup topped with crisp rosemary croutons to start. You can follow this with a main of the freshly made pasta of the day, steamed meagre on a cauliflower puree or maybe go for something more gamey like the mushroom-stuffed guinea fowl served with fennel salad. The evening menu certainly doesn’t disappoint either, with an array of enticing meat, seafood and vegetable dishes available to choose from.

  • Walter-Benjamin-Platz 4 10629, get more information here.


A wine-soaked adventure through the Palatinate. Photos: Kurpfalz Weinstuben

This Charlottenburg institution has a focus on regional German cuisine and traditional wine from the country’s North-East region. The menu boasts an appetiser list with home-made Winzer Vesper sausage served with pickled vegetables and farm bread, as well as a half dozen Swabian snails gently simmered in Reisling, garlic and butter. While meat-free options are not abundant when it comes to the main courses, there’s certainly a keen focus given to regional German classics like Holstein beef roulade served with brussel sprouts and sweet pearl onions.

  • Wilmersdorfer Str. 93 10629, get more information here.

Thai Art

Photo: Jane Silver

Thai Art has a small but carefully created menu of authentic Thai dishes. From tried and trusted classics like Pad-Thai with fried noodles, roast peanuts and honey tamarind sauce, to the Kaow Kah Muh of pork knuckle cooked in soy sauce, pickled cabbage and egg served with rice. New dishes are constantly rotated through the menu, so expect to find some sweet and sticky mango rice when the season’s right. Another summer delight you can expect at Thai Art is a thai iced coffee made with espresso and rich condensed milk.

  • Kantstraße 57 10627, get more information here.

Lamazère Brasserie

A little bit of French bistro culture in the heart of Charlottenburg, Lamazère’s rotating menu is designed to fit with whatever ingredients are freshly available. This constantly evolving menu means that you’ll always be surprised by what the dedicated chefs have to offer. You can choose between four cold or warm starters, four main courses and three dessert options, with prices ranging, or a full four-course dinner. Knowledgeable servers have their wine recommendations ready for any dishes you choose.

  • Stuttgarter Pl. 18 10627, get more information here.

Madame Ngo

Thinly sliced raw beef cooks on the spot in Madame Ngo’s pho broth. Photo by Maria Runarsdottir

Madame Ngo is a staple for French Indochine cuisine in Berlin. Classic Vietnamese dishes like spring rolls and summer salad can be sampled alongside Crevettes de Paris served with fried shrimp. Try the Carpaccio de Saigon entrée of thinly sliced beef steaks with Sriracha chili and hoisan. And of course no Franco-Vietnamese eatery would be complete without the signature Bánh Mí – a mix of delicately flavoured Vietnamese meat, seafood or tofu nestled in a fluffy French baguette. Madame Ngo’s selection includes the Bánh mì Madame Ngo with roasted pork, boiled egg, pâté, chả lụa, nộm, cucumber, coriander and  the Bánh mì chay with marinated tofu, nộm, cucumber, coriander. Madame Ngo makes for a fail-safe fusion feast for lunch or dinner.

  • Kantstraße 30, 10623, get more information here.


Photo: Haim Yosef

Prism’s slogan, “take your pleasure seriously” cuts right to the point. Here, rich and indulgent flavours are crafted with attention to even the smallest detail. With middle eastern flavours at their core, the dishes served at Prism have an international fine-dining flair. This Michelin-starred eatery has distinct seasonal menus. As part of their winter selection, you can sample their Wagyu beef and grilled yellow date miso, served with tzimmes (a traditional ashkenazi carrot stew) and baharat jus. Or wait for spring to roll back around, when they serve a dish dedicated to the Kusa (a Levantine zucchini), which is served with a Mediterranean seafood tartare, yogurt mint vinaigrette and pickled radishes.

  • Fritschestraße 48, 10627, get more information here.


Photo: Jane Silver

PUM is all about authentic, home-style Korean food. Their lunch menu (served between 12:30 and 16:00) has a wide selection of well-riced Ramyeon – a noodle dish generously topped with everything from fried egg and spicy kimchi, to dumplings and crab meat. On their menu they even list the beef-topped spicy noodle dish “Ramdong (from the movie Parasite)”. PUM prides itself on its Bansang, a hearty dish of rice served with stew or soup and a selection of side dishes. If this sounds like some great comfort food to you, you can tuck into a stew of marinated beans, or a steaming bowl of monkfish soup.

  • Knobelsdorffstraße 27, 14059, get more information here.


Photo: Iinaroosa Viitanen

Originally opened in Wedding as a smoked goods store way back in 1928, Rogacki Delicatessen is a Berlin institution. Serving dishes like smoked eel and salmon with herb quark and potato rosti and fresh king prawns fried in garlic with a cucumber salad and baguette. Being a deli as well as a sitdown-restaurant, Rogacki of course also sells fresh meat, seafood and house-made salads and spreads to go. Their in-house bakery also produces quality cakes and breads.

  • Wilmersdorfer Str. 145/46 10585, get more information here.


Photo: Papaya Instagram

At Papaya’s Charlottenburg location (there’s also one in Nollendorfkiez and another at Boxi), you can choose from a large menu with a huge variety of dishes. Papaya specialises in Isaan cuisine, which comes from the North-East of Thailand. This is characterised by sharp, tart flavours and plenty of heat. Their well-priced snack options include a fresh signature salad with crispy shrimp and a bambu salad with fish sauce, as well as summer rolls and fried chicken skewers with dips. If you’re up for something more substantial, Papaya also has a wide selection of soup, noodle, fried rice, curry, tofu and fish dishes.

  • Kantstraße 122 10625, get more information here.

Rüya Gemüse Kebap

Photo: Rüya Vegetable Kebap

No Berlin restaurant list would be complete without a top quality kebap spot. Rüya Gemüse Kebap has all the classics covered, plus a cosy interior that certainly sets it above the kebap competition when it comes to the dining experience. For a friendly price, the vegetarian dürüm is a full meal. The signature kebapteller, with chicken döner meat, fried vegetables, salad and a selection of sauces is also a must-try. Friendly and quick service just add to the overall experience at this Charlottenburg gem.

  • Otto-Suhr-Allee 19 10585, get more information here.


Photo: Samowar Instagram

Samowar serves traditional Russian and Eastern European dishes like Pelmeni, delicate boiled dumplings with fillings like salmon and meat. You can also try the blini medley of meat, spinach, cheese and mushrooms-filled pancakes. Or as a main you can sample something a bit more daring, like the roast boar which is served in a fine sour cream sauce with fried potatoes and vinegar fruit. The highlight of Samowar’s seriously impressive dessert menu are the sirnik – sweet curd cheese doughnuts with lingonberries, smetana sour cream and ice cream.

  • Luisenpl. 3 10585, get more information here.

Samakki Talad Thai

Photo by Veronica Jonsson

Samakki Talad Thai is a perfect winter (and year-round) alternative to Berlin’s famous Thai Park food market. It functions like a canteen-style miniature market, where you can order different dishes from about four different booths inside the restaurant, each one with its own focus and everything at a good price. One booth serves only dessert, one curry and meat, another North-Eastern Isaan cuisine and one for noodle and soup dishes. With that degree of delegation, you can trust that everything served here is crafted with attention to detail. Their selection of soups, salads and mains are budget friendly. It’s also a great spot to visit with a group, as everyone is free to choose whatever they’re in the mood for.

  • Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße 41 10627, get more information here.