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  • Noosh: Must-try Iranian kebabs on Kantstrasse


Noosh: Must-try Iranian kebabs on Kantstrasse

We're about to introduce you to your new favourite kebab spot: Noosh. This cosy Iranian restaurant is quickly becoming a Berlin foodie favourite.

Photo: noosh_berlin

Perfectly grilled kebabs and an impressive range of vegan-friendly options: Noosh is the new Iranian gem serving up some seriously irresistible Persian cuisine.

When Iranians go out to eat, there is one thing in particular on their plates: kebab. These long meat skewers are best cooked over charcoal, and are the delicious staple of most Persian restaurants. Those who want a vegetarian option meanwhile have usually had to make do with saffron rice.

However, that’s not the case at Noosh, which opened on Kantstrasse in the spring. This small restaurant offers a vegan kebab to rival its many meat options, consisting of meat substitutes, grilled eggplant, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Try the Vegan Bowl at Noosh Photo: noosh_berlin

If it’s meat you’re after then their lamb fillet is grilled to juicy and tender perfection. Each skewer is served either in a sandwich or, more traditionally, with grilled tomatoes, salad and the cucumber yoghurt ‘mast-o-khiar’, plus fluffy, buttery Iranian rice with a crispy bread crust. To accompany it, try the Iranian answer to Ayran, ‘Dugh’, or help yourself to some black tea from the samovar. 

Photo: noosh_berlin

While Noosh doesn’t seem to have quite decided whether it wants to be an Imbiss (you order at the counter) or a restaurant (tale service-style), the kebab alone is worth the visit.

  • Noosh, Kantstr. 143, Charlottenburg, details.