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One-stop-shop baking

Want to make those Triassic-themed cookies for your paleontologist friend? Or maybe just good ol' fashioned German christmas cookies and cakes are your thing. CakeVille has everything you need to get baking.

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Photo by Maia Schoenfelder

Walking into this baking heaven, you almost expect a girl on roller skates to sidle up next to you and hand you a milkshake.

The décor is pure 1960s diner: pink walls, black-and-white floor tiles and a rock ‘n’ roll vibe. Professional baker Hoda Bakhtyari opened CakeVille last June, hoping to fill what she calls “a gaping hole in the Berlin baking scene” by offering a mix of professional baking gear and fun cake-related accessories.

In addition to the obligatory (and extensive) shelves of sprinkles, candles and cake decorations, there are more than 50 shapes of cookie cutters and tables covered in cake moulds in shapes ranging from cruise ships and castles to mini-cupcake-sized flowers.

The products may veer toward novelty (who really needs five different shapes of dinosaur cookie cutters?), but there is also a selection of useful professional gear like fondant, candy thermometers, crimpers and décor icing.

The store is definitely fun, and at €1-6 for cookie cutters and decorations, CakeVille makes it easy to indulge in the most fun of all German traditions: Christmas cookie baking!