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Our favourite restaurants: Foodie tips from Rocket+Basil

From fine dining to late-night falafel, Sophie and Xenia von Oswald (the foodie sisters behind Rocket+Basil) put us on to some real gems.

Photo: Ilaria di Emidio @scusatema

The sisters behind popular and much-loved Tiergarten brunch and lunch spot Rocket+Basil are known for creative sandwiches and Iranian-tinged dishes. But where do they grab a bite when they’re not busy at their popular cafe? We sat down with them to find out.

“For a special occasion, we love to go to Barra but also Lode and Stijn. Lode’s menu is always super interesting; it changes a lot. And Barra is just great, with really nice people behind it. For something quick and cheap, we really like Miss Saigon near Görlitzer Bahnhof. Anything you order off their menu is really good, really fresh, and the place has just overall good vibes.

Miss Saigon. Photo: Miss Saigon

When we want to grab a Feierabend drink, we go to Nathanja and Heinrich in Neukölln. A really good cocktail bar, on the other hand, would be Bar Zentral in Charlottenburg. They do great cocktails and have a really cool atmosphere under the tracks, where you can hear the trains rumbling in the background.

For a late-night snack, we’d recommend Hühnerhaus 36 or Falafel-in-Berlin, both in Kreuzberg. Falafel-in-Berlin make nice, fresh falafels, really fluffy and delicious – and they just opened a second one on Görlitzer Straße!

Falafel-in-Berlin. Photo: @falafelinberlin

Our favourite café would have to be Passenger because it’s really unpretentious. It’s actually where we get our own coffee from; it’s just very good and down-to-earth. A place we could eat at every week is Larb Koi, a Thai restaurant in Friedrichshain. Their food is so good, so zingy and flavourful.

Passenger Coffee. Photo: @tabitahub

Speaking of favourites, if there was a place we’d travel across town for, it would be Lamazère in Charlottenburg, a French bistro. They make the most amazing Milchreis with salted caramel. The menu is really classic and well-executed. Last but not least, we have a real hidden gem for you: Estelle in Prenzlauer Berg is totally underrated. Every time we go there, it’s really on point, and we don’t feel that many people talk about it. The brunch menu is really good, really good cocktails, always really nice service. We love it!

  • Barra, Okerstr. 2, Neukölln, details.
  • Lode and Stijn, Lausitzer Str. 25, Kreuzberg, details.
  • Miss Saigon, Skalitzer Str. 38, Kreuzberg, details.
  • Nathanja and Heinrich, Weichselstr. 44, Neukölln, details.
  • Bar Zentral, Lotte-Lenya-Bogen 551, Charlottenburg, details.
  • Hühnerhaus 36, Skalitzer Str. 95A & Görlitzer Str. 31, Kreuzberg, details.
  • Falafel-in-Berlin, Skalitzer Str. 102 & Görlitzer Str. 46, Kreuzberg, details.
  • Passenger, Elsenstr. 38, Treptow, details.
  • Larb Koi, Krossener Str. 15, Friedrichshain, details.
  • Lamazère, Stuttgarter Pl. 18, Charlottenburg, details.
  • Estelle Dining, Kopenhagener Str. 12A, Prenzlauer Berg, details.