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  • Tante Fichte: Croatian fine dining, with a Michelin Star on the way?


Tante Fichte: Croatian fine dining, with a Michelin Star on the way?

At Tante Fichte on Kreuzberg’s Fichtestraße, chef Dominik Matokanovic merges robust Croatian classics with subtle culinary touches. Could this win Berlin's next Michelin star?

Photo: Nils Hasenau

Inspired by the cuisine of Croatia and the Istria peninsula, chef Dominik Matokanovic creates hearty dishes using a few select flavours. A menu of five to seven courses, with numerous vegetarian options, is served on Fridays and Saturdays, and an a la carte menu can be sampled on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

For an evening of dining at Tante Fichte, you can expect to start with the beetroot risotto, served with hard sheep’s cheese from the Croatian island of Pag. Follow this with the Čobanac, a regional shepherd’s stew, made with rich venison. Finish with the pickled fennel root, which is served with blueberries, shaved walnuts and yoghurt from the Kuhhorst eco-village.

Head chef Dominik Matokanovic. Photo: Manuel Krug

Just as much attention should be given to the wine selection. With almost 650 items, Tante Fichte’s wine menu runs the gambit when it comes to sheer variety. A definite highlight is the selection from Alexandre Dupont de Ligonnès. This Dresden-based vineyard uses exclusively natural and pesticide-free techniques and its small-batch production ensures the highest quality. 

Photo: Nils Hasenau

Reservations can be made on Tante Fichte’s website, but you can stop in spontaneously to sample some of the wine selection.

  • Tante Fichte Fichtestraße 31, Kreuzberg, visit their website here for more information here.