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Top 5 coffee roasters

A good barista knows his beans. These five coffee shops roast on site.

A good barista knows his beans. These five coffee shops roast on site.

Bonanza Coffee Heroes

The self-appointed kings of Berlin coffee roasting, Bonanza draws a crowd of international coffee addicts (particularly the iPad-toting Brooklyn émigré variety) into its tiny confines with delectable on-site roasts.

Drink of choice: double espresso with a syrupy-sour Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (€3.30).

Bonanza Coffee Heroes | Oderberger Str. 35, Prenzlauer Berg, U-Bhf Eberswalder Str.

Coffein Centrale

Owner axel Zimmerman blinks serenely from behind the counter while jazz or 1990s college rock plays quietly in the background. Comfortable and unassuming.

Drink of choice: double “kaffee Creme” with the dark, smoky house roast (€2).

Coffein Centrale | Mainzer Str. 20, Friedrichschain, U-Bhf Samariterstr.

Fiaker Kaffeerösterei

This Vienna-style café is a beacon of refinement shining out of darkest Moabit. Old Europe is alive, and it tastes delicious.

Drink of choice: ‘Café Melange’, a dark roast topped with a mix of foam and whipped cream (€2.20).

Fiaker Kaffeerösterei | Bochumer Str. 5, Moabit, U-Bhf Turmstr.

Five Elephant

A leafy kreuzberg side street houses Berlin’s most innovative coffee shop. it’s coffee in the new american style – light roasts bring out the subtle flavours of their single-origin beans.

Drink of choice: filter coffee with spicy sumatran beans (€2.80).

Five Elephant | Reichenberger Str. 101, Kreuzberg, U-Bhnf Görlitzer Bahnhof

Tres Cabezas

Lounge comfortably on vintagey couches or on the sidewalk patio. Get one of their excellent house roasts or browse their selection of imported specialty Latin american coffees.

Drink of choice: their perfect café cortado (€1.80).

Tres Cabezas | Boxhagener Str. 74, Friedrichschain, S-Bhf Ostkreuz