Francucci’s: the ideal pizza


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Awfully bad service, even for Berlin

My boyfriend and I just came back from dinner at 'Francucci's Ristorante'.
Usually the quality and the originality of the cooking itself are the most important thing for me when I choose a restaurant, but in this case, the service was so shockingly bad (even for berlin) that I just have to comment about it.

Not only that twice dishes were served that we did not order (and we had to wait extra for the right order), but once I asked for buffalo Mozzarella on my "PIZZA FRANCO" instead of a cow milk Mozzarella that the pizza was supposed to come with, the weirdest thing happened:
My PIZZA FRANCO was supposed to cost 10,80.
for some reason I was charged 12,50 plus 5,50 for the other Mozzarella. I dont believe it was a misunderstanding, because the bill we got was very detailed.
The whole experience was so bad, that I did not find the energy to ask back for my 7,2 euros.

The food itself was quite good. I do not mind paying for a good expeience when I go out to eat, but this certainly was not the case.

more than 11 years ago

No taste buds

Really, what kind of a review is that? Teach your interns how to write about the specifics of their subject.

hausfrau more than 11 years ago

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