It's just like watching Brazil


Stadion An Der Alten Försterei

An Der Wuhlheide 263, 12555 Berlin

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Hooked also!

Hooked in 2001. Love Alten Försterei, Love the fans, Love the team. Thanks to the internet I can watch while in USA (wee hours in the morning).

I enjoy the articles Jake!

Jean-Paul more than 10 years ago


Should have been at the game mate......You could have screamed what a fucking goal will 15000 others :D Shits on the 1860 game anyway

The Duke of Barrington more than 10 years ago


after one match at the Alte Forsterei I have become an addict, sadly it was last season's dismal 1-1 at home with Ingolstadt and not this display of 'Total Football'

Ross more than 10 years ago


know a goal is good when, watching the game alone in your house, you stand up and shout "WHAT A FUCKING GOAL".

Fantastic stuff as ever Jake.

Dave more than 10 years ago


wearing that grin. Did you see the Textilvergehen Lego-recreation?

Änne Troester more than 10 years ago


like usual: You own!!!

SK more than 10 years ago


thank you for that Review! You Hit the nail on the head !

Simon more than 10 years ago

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