Altes Europa

Gipsstraße 11, 10119 Berlin

Gipsstraße 11, 10119 Berlin
Mon-Sun 12:00-late
Bar, Restaurant


  • Altes Europa

    Altes Europa is strict and sexy - a bustling pub which serves up old-fashioned fare whilst something rather naughty hangs on the wall. Stuck deep in the gallery district, we were craving a bit of old-school grub served on plain wooden tables, and ended up here. The first thing you might notice upon entering is a small oil painting of a man and woman having sex against a table. Is this supposed to whet your appetite, or shout "We're libertines here!"? Whichever is the case, the bustling pub is the perfect antidote to the innumerable minimalist spaces peddling fashionable Asian culture in the neighbourhood.

    Mar 29, 2010

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