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Rigaerstraße 104, 10247 Berlin

Rigaerstraße 104, 10247 Berlin
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They stole my money

They closed the school and stole my money
Couple days ago, I got this email from them: "Dear students, We hope you and your families are healthy in these difficult times. We have to share some bad news with you. Unfortunately, the closing down of Anda School by German authorities has taken away our business foundation. We are no longer allowed to offer physical courses to our students, while at the same time we still have our obligations like classroom rent, administration team and teacher salaries. This is an unsustainable situation for us which is why we are forced to close our beloved school after 10 years. This makes us very sad. You had booked a course at Anda which we cannot offer you anymore. We offer you that we pay back 50% of the down payment you have made to Anda. The alternative is that we (you and Anda) go through the process of insolvency, which normally is taking many years in Germany to resolve and only leaves you the chance to claim a fraction of the payment you made to Anda. Since many companies are going insolvent in Germany due to the Corona crisis, the Administration will probably take even longer than usual, with dealing with insolvent companies. Beside you need to find and pay a lawyer. This is something you do not want, nur do we. Therefore, we both have an interest in resolving this matter direct with you. Please let us know your response and if you have any questions, If you agree let us know and provide us your bank account details so that we can refund your down payment within 20 days. If you agree with our proposal, please sign the letter of debt relief which you can find attached and send it back to us. This offer is valid till 30 th of April 2020." I paid almost 5000 Euros and I have days answering that email and they just disappear, they don't answer the phone calls, they don't answer the emails, they stole my money. That is pretty sad because I was saving money since 3 years and those were all my savings, now I'm without money and without classes. They did not even propose another solution, they don't say if in fact are going to return my 50% or if they are going to take whole my money. If you are in the same case, feel free in writing me

Maryin Ortiz more than 1 year ago

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