Ballhaus Naunynstraße

Naunynstraße 27, 10997 Berlin

Naunynstraße 27, 10997 Berlin
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  • Escaping the matrix: Bishop Black’s Becoming My Body

    REVIEW! Bishop Black's "Becoming My Body", a solo piece for Ballhaus Naunynstrasse playing through Jan 11, sees the performer embark on a torturous attempt to free himself from objectifying conditions, fusing sound, image and dance.

    Jan 9, 2020

  • Black Lux: A pocket guide

    With debates over blackface, racist kids’ books and immigration still raging, Ballhaus Naunynstraße kicks off the 2013/14 season by turning its attention to “Afropolitan Berlin” in a month-long festival happening through Sep 30.

    Sep 4, 2013

  • Strangers in their own land?

    In Ferienlager – die 3. Generation, 10 Turkish teenagers (or should that be German teenagers of Turkish descent?) tackle complicated issues well, even if not quite well enough.

    Feb 3, 2011

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