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Douching: A friendly guide

The cardinal rule to a faeces-free sex life? Rinse and repeat! Our reporter shares his experience and […]


The Exberlinale Blog: Far from phoning it in

Cameron Cook is seriously impressed by a pair of Panorama docs shot entirely on smartphones.


The Exberlinale Blog: Investigating identity

Cameron Cook ponders two festival favourites in which appearances prove deceptive.


The Exberlinale Blog: Losing the plot

Cameron Cook assesses a pair of narratively experimental features in this year’s Panorama strand.


The Pluto in Scorpio generation

Once the turf of bored spinsters and new age mystics, astrology is enjoying a huge comeback among […]

Music & clubs

Pop-Kultur 2018: Ghosts of present and past

Cameron Cook spent the last day of Pop-Kultur checking out Ghostpoet and a couple performances that conjured […]


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