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Save Berlin: Berg of broken dreams

Dan Borden on Berlin's ever-changing urbanscape. This month: Teufelsberg. Blame bad karma or the Devil’s Mountain curse. […]


Save Berlin: Loving the bombs

Bombs shaped the city around us and shook up social order after WWII, but experts say that […]


Save Berlin: Disneyland birthday cake

A city proud of its little-known roots or a massive publicity stunt? Either way on October 28 […]


Save Berlin: CBGB Syndrome

The Berlin club scene is suffering a virulent beating from the dastardly dull. Much like CBGB's in […]


Save Berlin: TXL RIP

Even though the new BER airport has had a difficult gestation period, (the new date is March […]


Inside the X: Dan Borden

After 20 years of working as an architect in New York, Dan Borden came to Berlin to […]


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