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Berlin art diaries: Waiting for a curator who never arrived

Good things come to those who wait – or do they? Fabia Mendoza explains what it means […]


Berlin art diaries: Beware the party punch

Fabia Mendoza managed to invite herself to a socialite’s birthday party, but when she wakes up feeling […]


Berlin art diaries: The idea thief

Good artists copy, great artists steal,” Picasso supposedly once said. But what happens when someone steals from […]


Berlin art diaries: Don’t drink at work

Everyone knows not to drink too much at work events. Fabia Mendoza tells us how she found […]


Berlin art diaries: You’ve got to believe

BLOG! Some say belief in yourself is a big part of making it as a creative person, […]


Berlin art diaries: Selling your art and (not) yourself

BLOG! Some say knowing the right people is essential for creative success. But what if you don't […]


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