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Sixty years in the Life of Herr Fischer

Interview: Director Pepe Danquart. If you don't know who Joschka Fischer is, it's time you learned. Danquart's […]


Monokulti in Berlin

Forget the Multikulti credo preached by well-groomed cosmopolitan minds. From Russki disco to Senegalese dancehall to Prolet-paradise, […]


Kneipe non-stop

Despite Berlin's much-touted round-the-clock nightlife, all of the capital's Kneipen close at some point, right? Well, not […]


The haunted sanatorium of Beelitz

Built in 1898 and designed by architect Heino Schmieden, Beelitz was Kaiser Wilhelm II’s response to skyrocketing […]


“Conspiracy theorists are dangerous”

Interview: Bernd Harder. The Skeptiker spokesperson and conspiracy theory expert has published a range of books dealing […]


The “suicide” of judge Kirsten Heisig

On June 28, Kirstin Heisig, a notoriously tough magistrate at the juvenile court in crime-ridden Neukölln, went […]


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