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My Weimar: Stephan Graf von Bothmer

A silent film-era pianist talks about 1920s Berlin and what its art means to him. Von Bothmer […]


The refugee home hunt

Over the last two years, some 75,700 people applied for asylum in Berlin. About half of them […]


Coda: Desserts for sugar babies

Fancy some fancy sweets? Reuterkiez' new "dessert" bar has you exquisitely covered, although it costs a pretty […]


Fighting the system: Cornelia Schleime

INTERVIEW! Schleime, winner of this year’s Hannah Höch Prize for lifetime achievement, on fleeing East Berlin, starting […]


Weimar’s peace-mongers

After World War I, the anti-war movement in Germany was at its strongest. We spoke to a […]


New Year’s Guide: The ’17 Revolution

Whether you want to save the planet, some refugees or your abs, here's how to stick to […]


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