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Introducing art month: Art fairs round-up

Festival overload continues! In the wake of the Art Forum fiasco, Berlin’s other art fairs scramble to […]


Beyond Heidestraße

Five years on, the Heidestraße Gallery Mile has become a high point of the Berlin art scene. […]


Es war einmal im Osten…

Maik and Joep met 14 years ago in the (literally) underground club Berlin-Tokyo. In June 2001, they […]


Moabit in black and white

Interview: Majla Zeneli. In 2009 she found herself living in Moabit. Four months later she opened a […]


In the studio with: Anef, silkscreen artist

Leaving France for life among the dirty, squat-punk streets of Friedrichshain, Anef lives the Berlin dream.


Berlin’s six-week Kunsthalle

In October 2010, Berlin's mayor announced a project to showcase the city’s artistic production. Five young curators […]


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