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Globians Doc Fest

PICK OF THE WEEK! Documentaries are hot, but most regurgitate well-known information and leave the unknown... unknown. […]


Death, nudity and sex… in the city: summer art round-up

Frida Kahlo's in town. So's Robert Capa. And don't forget Bruce Nauman, Louise Bourgeois and Art Spiegelman. […]


Berlin’s best ice cream

This city is an ice cream lover’s paradise. Countless parlours pop up with the first rays of […]


Magnum: Shifting Media, New Role of Photography

OUR PICK: A lot has changed since 1947, when the world’s foremost photo agency was founded by […]


Review: Lovepuke

LAST CHANCE! Three couples, three sets of folding chairs, the bullet-point outline of three relationships: Lovepuke garbage-disposes […]


World Press Photo 10

LAST CHANCE! The spine-tingling, prize-winning images in Willy-Brandt-Haus' exhibition do more than illustrate news stories: they turn […]


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