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Just go with it

With her album release coming up this month, Laura Winkler tells us about her band Holler My […]

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Let’s be franc

If you have even the slightest touch of francophilia in you, February is your month for music.

Music & clubs

Face the future: Transmediale

The 31-year-old confluence of art, culture and technology returns Jan 31 (through Feb 4) to HKW under […]

Music & clubs

CTM: Total entertainment forever

Founded in 1999 as a one-off Transmediale side programme, CTM has become its own beast, engulfing every […]

Music & clubs

Love and freedom: Perel

Part of CTM’s Panorama Bar lineup on February 2, Berlin-based DJ Perel tells us about utilising her […]

Music & clubs

Bowie’s back… again

Two years after the Starman’s return to the celestial plane, Berlin hasn’t stopped commemorating its favourite adopted […]


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