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Destroying perfection: Meret Becker

INTERVIEW! Meret Becker, star of German stage and screen, tells us why she’s still taking music lessons […]

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Jazzfest: Jazz without borders

Ready for a world of jazz? From the genre's roots in the US to its far-flung offshoot […]

Music & clubs

More than just Manchester: FITH

INTERVIEW The post-punk poets of FITH tell us the difference between Manchester and Berlin before their show […]

Music & clubs

Party with a purpose

The second Reclaim the Beats festival invites Berliners to dance out their identity politics issues, Oct 5-14 […]

Music & clubs

DIY therapy

Danish-Canadian Berliner Sally Dige talks about her musical beginnings and her cathartic new synth pop record, Holding […]

Music & clubs

The polyphonic threats of Ulysses: Rebecca Saunders

INTERVIEW! At Musikfest (on through Sep 18), Rebecca Saunders translates Ulysses’ last chapter for soprano and stereophonic […]


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