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Multiple lines: Willis Earl Beal

INTERVIEW. The life of the 31-year-old artist, soul-folk-experimental musician and actor already contains more storylines than most. […]

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And so I don my mask

INTERVIEW. Berlin musician Miss Kenichi chats new albums, history of songs, and inspiration with friend and fellow […]

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Flute/solo: Bill Callahan

The artist-formerly-known-as-Smog's latest, "Dream River", is an exquisite and unexpected blend: Latin American rhythms, Americana and enigmatic […]

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Elephant talk: Lisa Germano

INTERVIEW. Singer, multi-instrumentalist and Michael Gira fave Lisa Germano conjures up a seductive blend of painful beauty […]


Chutes and ladders: Juana Molina

For five albums the actress-cum-musician has been writing, producing and recording everything herself in her studio in […]

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Swiss talks to Miss

The Swiss-born Sophie Hunger chats with Miss Kenichi about her rarified path in music and her new […]


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