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“That’s something Germans lack: hearing God’s voice”

Interview: Frank Willens. Listening to God brought Willens to Berlin seven years ago. Now the dancer is […]


Shabbat Jesus

Why would a Jewish Ukranian Zionist move to Berlin? To preach the Gospel of Jesus, of course. […]


Goody goody Christmas: trials of an eager volunteer

Desperate to spread her Christmas cheer, Uta Friedrich tries to give her time to a noble cause. […]


Gods, fairytales and their puppets

KREATIONEN 2010 was this month and EXBERLINER was on the scene to see what would happen at […]


A chat with… Annie Dorsen

"We are the robots." Ever wonder how chatbots reflect who we are? The director and writer of […]


The beauty of being ugly

BERLIN BEAUTY: In a world obsessed with beauty, Del is the guy cashing in on being ugly. […]


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