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Why Berlin needs to learn from Alaska and chill

The Gay Berliner reflects on a trip to Alaska and asks why Berlin is so full of […]


Große Freiheit: Is Berlin losing its edge?

The Gay Berliner laments the new blandness of the city’s queer Kneipen.


2021 in Film: Tops, Flops & Trends

What were the films worth watching (and avoiding) in 2021?


The Gay Berliner: How do queers interpret intimacy?

More than just orgies and bare bums, the current exhibition at Berlin’s Schwules Museum reminds the Gay […]


The Gay Berliner: Divorce for all?

The world of divorcees is relatively straight, but our columnist has crashed the party – and had a […]


The Gay Berliner: Exile from Gayville

With no dark rooms to visit, Walter Crasshole feels more disconnected from the gay scene than ever. […]


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